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Consultative Services

We provide an array of consultative services that assist you and your company with your In-House needs.  We can bring 60 years of experience to you!  

Training Programs

Millennium Management Services can provide training for your current or new janitorial staff.  We can teach innovative cleaning procedures, in addition to hard surface floor care and carpet cleaning processes.

Process Improvement

Millennium Management Services can assist facility management with determining what processes and procedures are best for your building.   We will  assist in determining proper chemical and equipment usage thereby helping to reduce costs and increase quality performance .

What our customers are saying

"...We have talked to a lot of companies out there, but you're the first one who knew exactly what we wanted and how to get us there!  Thank you!

"...Not only that, but you guys have gone out of your way to meet with us and show us exactly what needed to be done and how to do it!"

Scott Johnson - Black Stack Brewing

Founder and President

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